About Us

Our company was founded in 2003 by professionals with wide experience in the transportation and tourism industry.

SUR VANS is a well-known established company with the reputation of providing customer satisfaction with state of the art technology thus ensuring safety, security and comfort in passenger transportation.

Since our beginnings the business practices of the company have always been focused on providing customer care with integrity. Our trained personnel consists of highly committed professionals.

All of our vehicles are approved by the Ministry of Transport and Public Works of Uruguay, and feature the latest technology regarding safety, security and comfort.

Our main priority is customer satisfaction providing a service that offers a fair deal for our customers, meeting all standards and regulations applicable to passenger transportation industry.


Our Mission

Highly engaged in a ensuring work ethics with our partners and customers.
Going the extra mile, to xceed expectations at all times.
Providing excellence in service and top quality professional services.
Provide maximum safety and security in passenger transportation.


Our View

To maintain and further strengthen our positioning in the market.
To be regarded among the best service companies nationwide.
To be at the forefront in safety, safety and comfort in all of our vehicles